Complete US City Data – All In One Place

The most comprehensive single listing of all incorporated 45,605 U.S. cities – with linked counties, states, coordinates, ZIP codes, populations and more. It is ideal for location lookups, website localization, marketing and data verification.

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General Electric Prudential SolarCity Deloitte Mercato

Linked locations and demographic data

No complicated lookups are necessary – all records include linked location data (including county, state, latitude and longitude, ZIP codes, area codes and time zones), plus the most recent US census information (including population, households and average household income for each city).

Includes SQL, CSV and Excel formats

The data is compatible out-of-the-box with nearly all SQL databases, GIS systems, programming languages and spreadsheet applications – including Excel – so you can use the data easily without worrying about time-consuming file conversions or imports.

Updated for Spring 2018

All records have been updated for 2018 using the most recent population estimates from the US Census Bureau, demographic data from the American Community Survey and location information from the US Geological Survey. The last complete refresh was on .

Unrestricted & developer-friendly licensing

There are no restrictive license conditions or ongoing fees. The data is yours to use permanently without renewal charges, there are no limits on the number of devices or users, and you can use the data for commercial purposes at no extra cost. Find out more about the terms of use.

Tried and tested with…
Access MySQL SQL Server PostgreSQL SQLite Access PHPMyAdmin Open Office

“Does the database contain all cities?” and other FAQs

Does the database contain all cities?

Yes. All currently incorporated cities, towns, villages, townships and boroughs in the U.S. are listed. Census Designated Places (populated areas which don't have a municipal government, but which otherwise physically resemble incorporated places) are also included for every state.

What areas are covered?

The data covers all 50 U.S states (including Alaska and Hawaii) plus Washington, D.C.

How accurate is the data? When was it last updated?

All records have been updated for Spring 2018 with the last quarterly refresh on . The details of this update and more information can be found in the change log.

Can I get a different sample?

Yes. If our standard sample data doesn't give you the assurances you need please feel free to ask us for a custom sample.

Can I use the data commercially?

Yes. Our ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ packages allow you to use the data for business and commercial purposes. Please see the terms of use for more information.

Are future updates included?

Yes, the ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ packages include quarterly data updates which will be automatically emailed to you at the start of January, April, July and October. You can browse information about past data updates in the change log.

Who else uses your data?

Since 2011 we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals to provide the data they need to help run their websites and internal systems. We continue to serve customers from Fortune 500 companies (like General Electric and 3M), through to individual hobbyists and boutique web development, design and marketing studios across the US.