Complete and accurate list of all US cities by state and population

The US Cities List provides data for all 19,935 incorporated cities in the United States, including counties, states, zip codes, population, latitude and longitude and more. The data is ideal using in media, tourism, publishing, education or software development.

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You can be confident that the data is comprehensive, accurate and up to date. It is based on official Government sources, and refreshed quarterly with over 19,900 locations across all US states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Pinpoint locations

Every entry comes pre-geocoded with latitude, longitude and zip code. That saves you from doing the complex conversions, and means it's great for location searches and ready to use on mapping software like Google and Bing Maps.

Unrestricted use

There's no need to worry about restrictive licensing conditions. You're free to use the US Cities List for personal or commercial purposes, for as long as you want, and there are no limits on the number of users or workstations.

Ready to go

There's no waiting around – just download the file and start work right away. The standard CSV format means you can open it in a spreadsheet application like Excel, or easily load into a database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft Access.

Sample data

The table below provides a short sample of the type and format of the US Cities List data. It includes city name and state information, zip codes, location, population and settlement type. For more information about the data and field descriptions please see the technical information.

Los BanosMercedCaliforniaCA9363537.05828-120.8499235972City
Los GatosSanta ClaraCaliforniaCA9503237.22661-121.9746829413Town
LynwoodLos AngelesCaliforniaCA9026233.93029-118.2114669772City
MalibuLos AngelesCaliforniaCA9026534.00501-118.8100912645City
Mammoth LakesMonoCaliforniaCA9354637.64855-118.972088234Town
Manhattan BeachLos AngelesCaliforniaCA9026633.88474-118.4109135135City

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